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Barbora Soares, singer songwriter

To the question: "How would you describe today's world in three sentences?" in an interview with the multi-genre music magazine Fullmoon she replied: “Version A: With feeling. Version B: Pole to Pole. Version C: It's a tragicomic mess that we keep rearranging. “

Singer, composer and producer, born under a full moon in Prague in 1984. She comes from an artistic family, lives and creates in southern Germany.

She started her musical career only in 2018. And we could already hear her voice live on the SWR radio show.

She released her debut EP "Bring it on" at the end of 2021. This EP reflects versatility and an adventurous spirit. It was a foundation stone for further composing, recording and production, for new collaborations with great musicians. “Hands down the best recorded and produced music I've heard in the Feedback section” wrote about her music magazine Headliner.

In January 2023, the Sine Music label released the single "Above the Rain" on which she collaborated. Her singing was described as "anthem-like" in an article in the German magazine "Männer".

Her diverse evolution from pop-rock, funk to electronic and mainly rock music is what makes her exceptional.

She is currently working on a new album.

out on March 17th


Above the rain/
Setsuna feat. Barbora Soares

Can't Get Out/singel/2023/Barbora Soares/rock
Setsuna feat. Barbora Soares - Above the Rain - Cover.jpg
Bring It On/ EP / 2021 / Barbora Soares/ funk jazz pop rock

Can't Get Out

Bring it on



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