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Barbora Soares releases her first LP "Rust on Tape" that is available for download on Bandcamp. She had her release concert of which you can watch a short cut soon. Stay tuned.


I myself have worked with musicians like Martha High (James Brown), Ralf Gustke (Chaka Khan, G. Nanini), Alex Bernath (Ray Green-Santana, Tower of power, Chuck Leavell -Rolling Stones, Fred Wesley-James Brown/Tina Turner ), Phillip Rehm (Rhani Krija - drummer of Sting), Jess Jochimsen (Quatsch Comedy Club, RTL Saturday Night), Jane Comerford (Texas Lightning) and many others….

With my acoustic project together with Michael Strobel we played  for example in Theaterhaus Stuttgart or live for SWR broadcast.



To the question: "How would you describe today's world ?" in an interview with the multi-genre music magazine Fullmoon she replied: “It's a tragicomic mess that we keep rearranging. “

Singer, composer and producer, born under a full moon in Prague in 1984. She comes from an artistic family, lives and creates in southern Germany.

She started her musical career only in 2018.

In addition to countless cover projects, which are an essential part of her livelihood, Barbora releases a her new record single after single. And we could already hear her voice live on the SWR radio show.

She released her debut EP "Bring it on" at the end of 2021. “Hands down the best recorded and produced music I've heard in the Feedback section” wrote about her music magazine Headliner.

And two years later she released her debut LP album "Rust on Tape", which was performed live for the first time in March 2024.

The Czech music magazine "Headliner" wrote a review of the single "Heuristic Heart" from this album:

"Soares is most interesting in the moments when she sings hoarsely - in that moment she demonstrates something that is currently missing at the Czech scene.

Good band, great voice, .... No one calls Soares the Czech Beth Hart yet, but maybe in time."

IRON smaller.png
Can't Get Out/singel/2023/Barbora Soares/rock
Setsuna feat. Barbora Soares - Above the Rain - Cover.jpg
Bring It On/ EP / 2021 / Barbora Soares/ funk jazz pop rock

photos from the release concert / March 2024

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Barbora Soares - Heuristic Heart [Official Music Video]

Barbora Soares - Heuristic Heart [Official Music Video]

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