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covers . . .quiet, loud, colourful, elegant, festive, légère, summery, flexible, relaxed, exciting. . .



Sharova was founded in 2018 and has since gained a good reputation in southern Germany at a wide variety of events, open air at the Federal Garden Show or in the stylish hotel bar, on the gallery at the most beautiful moment in life or on the rock stage at the festival of many lights, in the rustic pub, on the big art stage of the SWR radio broadcast, at a chic company event or on a cruise ship.


Behind Sharova is the singer Barbora Soares from Prague.

Her charisma, her voice and the lovingly selected repertoire make Sharova what it is as a band and are the focal point of this line-up.

Barbora is supported by guitarist and singer Michael Strobel.

Michael lays the foundation under Barbora's singing and sets an emotional contrast with his rough voice.


Sharova can be expanded at will and can be booked, for example, with a cajon in a trio or as a complete band with bass, drums and everything that goes with it.

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